Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Take a look at my updated personal blog

DIY Art School hasn't been the most active blog it's safe to say. It's probably been over a year since there's been a new post. While I don't rule out returning to DIY Art School when I have more material or an expanded direction to take it, for the time being visitors here may be interested in checking out my personal blog over at http://joewilson-illustration.blogspot.com/ . You'll find my personal portfolios (mostly digital art, from clients mostly in games), but it will also be updated with sketches, thoughts, photography, tutorials and tips, and many other things. Most of the tutorials and tips will likely touch on working as an illustrator, and working in games, but there will also sometimes be posts that artists in general might find useful or interesting. Posts that fit the original DIY Art School theme will still be cross posted here, but if you are interested in a wider range of posts, please take a look at the new blog.


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